2018 Russia National Team New Shirts

As the host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia has held a successful tournament as well as their performance on the pitch. In spite of the failure of the match versus Croatia, the team made a great sensation when play against Spain and win.

Its achievement could due to several factors. The first one is the unity. This team has been two years in the making for head coach Stanislav Cherchesov. In that time, many different players have been called up and most people hold a distrust of this team. Finally the team have come together into a rock-solid unit, where the players are prepared to cooperate mutually for pursuit of the common goal.


The assistance from technology enhances the players’ competitiveness and help athletics running with less resistance. Adidas’s technology is applied to the new football kits worn by the players, which absolutely is an advantage in high level competition


Fans’ support is vital. “If it weren’t for our fans and the World Cup were taking place elsewhere,” midfielder Roman Zobnin said,” our results may have been different. Ninety-five percent is credited to the fans, who have been supporting us and driving us forward since the first match. We’ve felt their support and we couldn’t let them down.”

In years gone by, one of the main shortcoming pointed out of the Russian players was that they didn’t work hard. Now things change. Striker Artem Dzyuba summed up their commitment after the Spain game: “The only way we could win was through this type of performance, by holding out and fighting. The pain and cramps will come later. The footballing gods didn’t always favour us, but they helped us out like never before today. I’m proud to be in this team, it’s a huge honour. Well done to everyone, we’ve been amazing today. We were virtually out on our feet at the end there. We believed that self-sacrifice, discipline and structure could overcome class.”

The fitness coaches, Paulino Granero and Vladimir Panikov of the team should own more praise of those going to team. FIFA’s official statistics showed that Russia had covered more ground than any other team in the tournament after the second round of matches in the group stage. The Russians are ranked top in a number of physical statistics at the World Cup, such as total distance run, the intensity of their pressing and how often they have recovered possession. The superb fitness helps the players to keep a competitive power when a match comes to later period.

Tactical flexibility enable the team to play against different opponent with specialized strategy. “We analyzed Spain in depth,” continued Zobnin, “how they attack, where their weaknesses are, what problems they have in defence and where they’re strongest. We followed the game plan to the letter. We withstood and kept them at bay, knowing how good they are in attack. Aside from a few exceptions, we pretty much didn’t give them any chances.”

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2018 Russia Football Away Shirts

2018 FIFA World cup was hold in Russia. As an impressive host, Russia national team adopt a remaking design of the shirts worn by the Russia team in 1988 to remind players and football fans of the brilliant glory that the team won their second gold after their first one in 1956. To be distinct from the home shirts, the new away shirts of the Russia national team use a new element as main pattern and white as primary rather than red on home shirts.

Both red and white worked as primary color of the home shirts and usually the other one is used for away shirts. This normality lasts since the breakup of the Soviet Union. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian football prefer a new identity, replacing the previous Adidas kits which is red and white with the suit supplied by Reebok. Reebok provide a new design with red, blue and white reflecting the new national flag of the Russia. In 1997, Nike changed it to a simpler design with just blue and white. The design, showed up at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2004, consisted of primary a white base with blue trim and the opposite combination for the away kit. After failure in the qualification of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Nike choose a new direction by reintroducing red. This time the red is used on home kit, while white being reversed as the away color. When Adidas took over as suppliers in 2008, it continued this trend. The 2009 – 10 season brings an arresting change in the kit design with the utilization of the maroon and gold on home shirts. This innovation was ended by the return of red and white applied in 2011. The edition of the kit used at Euro 2012 featured a red base with gold trim while the away kit was a white with red trim combination. At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the maroon and gold colour scheme appears once again, while the away 2014 kit stuck to white with blue decorations.

When colors reflect the national flag, the pattern on the shirts is formed by numerous nondescript spots which cover whole front and sleeves. The minimalist abstraction illustrates the thriving street culture and complex urban structures of the Russia.

Away shirts applied the same technology provided by Adidas. So-called Climachill is a revolution in effective cooling technology. The line incorporates innovative fabric woven with titanium and industry-first 3D aluminium cooling spheres. The soft fabric can channels the moisture away from skins, keeping body dry and decreasing the friction. The technology provides an instant chilling sensation to decrease the environment impact on athletes helping their performance in warm conditions. By lowering their body temperature so players can move longer, work harder, concentrate their focus and compete better at the highest level.

With the new kits, these players had shown their fans and nation splendid matches against various strong opponent and brought victory and glory back. They deserves respect from every football fans.

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2018 Russia National Football Team Home Shirts.

The 21st FIFA World Cup was organized in Russia. The grand tournament lasted for one month from 14th, June to 15th, July. This is the first time for Russia to host a World Cup and 11th World Cup to be held in Eastern Europe. As the host, Russia national football team is qualified automatically, which can not deny the fact that this team is capable enough of coming through the qualifying competition.

The Russia national team has participated in 10 World Cup since its first attendance to the tournament. The team has played in quarter finals for four times and the best grade is a fourth place. The team has participated in European Football Championship for eleven time since the first championship held in Franch1960. It is the first national team who wins the title of the European Football Championship. More than that, the team has wined gold medal in 1956 and 1988 respectively.

Although ranked at 70th in the world, the team shows their brilliant skills and team spirits on the pitch of the Russia World Cup. Players’ performance on the Russia World Cup is surprising. At the opening game, they defeat Saudi Arabia with a big victory of 5-0. On 20th June, it got a score of 3-1 versus Egypt and passed group stage ahead of schedule. On 1st July, their victory against Spain in the round of 16 caused a sensation. Unfortunately, the Croatia stopped their journey by a 6-5 triumph in penalty shootout.

They should be proud of defeating the Spain. After the match, the question on everyone’s lips is “how did they manage that.” New kits from Adidas may contribute to that. Adidas, as the designer and manufacture of the Russia national team kits, provides a new technology called Climachill to the attire.

Except for the innovative technology, the design of the 2018 Russia national team jersey is meaningful. The apparel is a remake of the home shirt worn by players in 1988 Olympics, where the Russia team won their second gold medal. This shirts honors this amazing achievement and pay a respect to the players contributing to that.


The designer adopts red, one of the colors on national flag, as primary of the football shirts. Two stripes extend across arms from back to chest, which shows a unique sense of design. Double-head eagle land on the left chest. The crest deriving from the national emblem brings players a profound national identity as well as the pride in their home. The emblem also reminds the players of being united and cooperative on the pitch.



On the back of the neck, the decorating pattern of Russian flag, Russian eagle and words “Вместе К Победе” that translates to ‘Victory-Bound as One’. They will be hoping it can inspire a home victory.

Adidas, as a provider of the professional athletic kits, supports the team to have a great performance in 2018 World Cup, which indicates that this team will play better in subsequent matches.

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Russia Away Shirt 2016

From my own personal perspective, I love the Russia Away Shirt 2016 so much which is well-designed and eye-catching. This white shirt shows completely Russian modern culture. It features a big gray double-headed eagle on the front, and a small one is printed on the chest. The two-headed eagle is an important element for the country and the national team. It looks at both sides of the East and West, representing that Russia is a country crossing Asia and Europe; three crowns symbolize that the Russia is a unified Russian Federation; the golden ball and the cane symbolize that the unity of the country is inviolable. The Warrior St. George kills the dragon with a spear, riding a horse and wearing a flying cloak, which symbolizes the Russians’ courage to fight against enemies. This eagle represents Russians’ courage, solidarity and freedom. On the other hand, it symbolizes that young Russians look into the future.

Adidas logo and classic three stripes are red this time, in contrast to the main color, and the stripes are put on both sides of the shirt. The blue shorts and red socks complete the away kit 2016. The colors of the kit take inspiration from Russia national flag so as to pay homage to the country.

Adidas innovative adizero technology is used to produce a lighter and more comfortable match uniform, which allows players to perform faster and more freely on football fields. The weight has been reduced by 10% compared to the 2014 World Cup shirts. In addition, mesh fabrics on back can help players keep cool and dry during games.

Russia national team has not won a friendly match until now and the list of the players who will participate in the 2018 World Cup is not decided. Fortunately Russia is as the host country, the team has a competitive advantage. Let us wait and see whether it can win other three team in group A. If Russia wants to reach the next phase, it must defeat Saudi Arabia, the weakest team in Group A. Russia is likely to score three points when it plays the game against Egypt.

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kokorin, who was on 19 March 1991, is a Russian professional forward and now plays for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg. On 9 April 2016, he scored his first goal for Zenit and helped the club win Russian Cup in the 2015-2016 season. Kokorin totally appeared 17 times and scored 8 goals for the Russian youth teams from 2009 to 2011. He played games for Russia U-21 side in the 2011 European Under-21 Championship qualification. In November 2011, Kokorin was called up to play for Russia national team in a friendly game against Greece. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup, he was selected as one of national team players and played games in this international sporting event.

Born on 30 May 1996, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Golovin is a talented Russian professional footballer. He is capable of playing as a left midfielder, a center midfielder, or a center defence midfielder. He is an extremely excellent player in Russia national team.

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Retro Russia Home Football Shirt 2017

Russia was awarded the hosting rights of 2018 FIFA World Cup on 2 December 2010, which will be the first World Cup held in Europe since the 2006 tournament in Germany. As the host country, Russia is currently ranked 65th in the world according to the latest data from FIFA.

Russia national team is one of mighty national teams in Europe. Russia (the Soviet Union) has been qualified for the World Cup ten times and made the last eight of the World Cup three times. In addition, the squad has participated in 15 European Football Championships since the competition was first held in France. It is the first national team to get the title of European Football Championship. It won the championships twice in 1956 and 1988 Olympic Games.

This successful team owns a few outstanding footballers and the most famous one is Lev Yashin. In 1994, FIFA set up the Yashin Award in recognition of the best goalkeeper in the World Cup and in memory of the legendary footballer as well. Lev Yashin was nicknamed “Black Spider” or “Black Panther” because of athleticism, bravery and acrobatic reflexes. He is the only goalkeeper who has got the FIFA Ballon d’Or award in 1963. Yashin was voted the best goalkeeper of the 20th century by the IFFHS.

In 2017, Russia hosted the FIFA Confederations Cup, which was of great importance for this country. Therefore, Russia Football Association(RFS), together with their supplier Adidas, jointly unveiled the home shirt for this strong team so as to participate in the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

This retro home jersey was inspired by an iconic 1980s Adidas USSR shirt, which continued the tradition of Russian football. It is predominately red with eye-catching white elements. The shirt features a white collar and white cuffs. Besides, white Adidas three stripes are placed on shoulders, symbolizing victory. The team badge and brand logo are printed on the chest. Most noticeably, the zigzag pattern in scarlet is shown on the front while its back is all red.

The new shorts and socks are also red, completing the home kit.

Adidas breathable ClimaCool technology is used for moisture control leaving players cool and dry. What’s more, the home shirt is made from recycled polyester, ensuring the lightweight shirt and reducing the impact on the environment at the same time. Products of Adidas are made in more sustainable ways to make the world better. The material has played a major role in environmental protection.

“The new shirt for Russia national team emphasizes the connection among different players. It can bring a strong energy for players to encourage them to play confidently at football fields.” said Stanislav Cherchesov, the head coach of Russia national team and a former professional goalkeeper. Cherchesov played for Russia at the 1994 and 2002 World Cups and Euro 96. He made 39 appearances for his country. Additionally, he got the award of USSR’s Best Goalkeeper in 1989 and 1990 and Russia’s Best Goalkeeper in 1992. In August 2016, Cherchesov was appointed as the new head coach of Russia on a two-year contract with a target of reaching the semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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Russia Home Football Shirt 2018 Kids Kit

The 32 qualified teams competing in the 2018 World Cup were divided into eight groups on 1 December 2017. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay are Group A. The first match between Saudi Arabia and Russia will be held on 14 June 2018. Saudi Arabia will be the first Asian team to face host Russia. Germany national team, the last World Cup champion, is expected to win again. Brazil and France national teams are also the candidates of champion of the 2018 World Cup. In terms of the Golden Boot, it probably goes to Messi or Neymar, the top goalscorers of the FIFA World Cup.

With the forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, these qualified teams officially unveiled their match jerseys. The two big brands Adidas and Nike are responsible for a vast majority of national teams. Adidas leads with ten teams ahead of Nike with eight.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the well-designed shirt features a clean design that takes inspiration from the classic 1988 USSR jersey. Russia 2018 World Cup shirt is predominately bright red with a white v-neck collar. White Adidas three stripes are put on shoulders, back to the classic design of Adidas. The most eye-catching design is a white brand from the outside chest around the upper sleeve to the outside of the upper back.

The important double-headed eagle and the slogan “Вместе К Победе(Together for Victory)” are woven into the inside of collar.

Completing the home kit, there are white shorts and red socks. The socks with Росси́я(Russia) on the front show respect for the nation.

Adidas Climachill technology is used to keep players cool and dry, so they can be concentrated on games and perform well.

The kids kits are provided for your lovely kids at Cheap Football Shirts Replica.

Denis Glushakov, a midfielder of Russia national team, said:“The classic style of the new shirt reminds us of great victories of the past, and at the same time the shirt is modern. It can help us play better in games.”

Aleksandr Golovin(born on 30 May 1996) is a midfielder. He is a creative footballer who has a strong passing ability. He will never up at football fields. Leonid Slutsky, the former head coach of CSKA Moscow, once said that Golovin was the smartest player in Russia. Golovin won the 2013 UEFA European Under-17 Championship with Russia national under-17 team, with which he also participated in the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup. He also represented the Russia national under-19 team at the 2015 UEFA European Under-19 Championship. He made his national debut on 7 June 2015 in a friendly game against Belarus.

Some of matches of the 2018 World Cup will be held at Luzhniki stadium with a capacity of 81,000 spectators, making it the largest football stadium in Russia and one of the largest stadiums in Europe. It is the national stadium of Russia, located in Moscow.

Moscow will be one of the most tourist attractions for football fans watching the 2018 World Cup. As the capital of Russia, Moscow is famous for its history, architecture and culture. Red Square, Kremlin, Gorky Park and St. Basil’s Cathedral are all worth sightseeing for fans.

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Russia Home Football Shirt 2016

Adidas is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. The company is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike. Adidas’ logo is three stripes, which is used on all products they manufacture. Besides, the trefoil is one of the logos of Adidas. The theme of three stripes is still evident in the look. This logo was chosen because the company wanted a logo representing the fact that the brand was much larger and more diverse while still kept the classic Adidas look. The logo is still used on some of their products.

As a leading brand, Adidas has been providing advanced football products for a number of national teams and football clubs. Together with Russia Football Association(RFS), it officially unveiled the home shirt for this strong team to participate in the 2016 European Football Championship.

The RFS is the official governing body of football in the Russian Federation. It organizes Russian amateur and professional football, including the men’s, women’s, youth, beach football, futsal and Paralympic national teams.

The design theme of the 2016 home shirt is loyal to traditional values of Russian football and is inspired by human’s conflicting ideas that are elegance and aggressiveness, intuition and pragmatism, loyalty to the past and effort for the future. This new shirt strives to maintain a balance of these conflicting ideas.

It is wine red in color that makes the shirt noble and exquisite, showing completely the Russian tradition and history. There are also several gold elements shown on the shirt. Russia national emblem, a double-headed eagle, is indispensable and embroidered on the chest. It not only symbolizes the Russian culture and history but also represents courage, unity and freedom of Russians. In addition, Adidas three gold stripes, symbolizing victory, are put on both sides of the shirt rather than shoulders this time.

Designers used adizero, Adidas’s latest technology, to produce the brand new shirt. Accordingly, the home shirt is more comfortable and much lighter than previous shirts in order to help players run faster and perform better. Beyond that, the back of the new shirt is used breathable mesh fabric to make sweat evaporate quickly in a game and, as a consequence, to leave players cool and dry.

As the host nation of 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia and other three teams including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay are Group A. The 32 teams are involved 48 matches across eight groups that will define the tournament’s key first-phase.

Russia national team is one of mighty national teams in Europe. Russia (the Soviet Union) has been qualified for the World Cup ten times and made the last eight of the World Cup three times. In addition, the squad has participated in 15 European Football Championships since the competition was first held in France. It is the first national team to get the title of European Football Championship. It won the championships twice in 1956 and 1988 Olympic Games.

If you are a football fan, you must be excited when watching these games. Thus, you need a match shirt to show your loyalty and support your favorite team wherever you are. Cheap Football Shirts Replica is your best choice.

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