2018 Russia Football Away Shirts

2018 FIFA World cup was hold in Russia. As an impressive host, Russia national team adopt a remaking design of the shirts worn by the Russia team in 1988 to remind players and football fans of the brilliant glory that the team won their second gold after their first one in 1956. To be distinct from the home shirts, the new away shirts of the Russia national team use a new element as main pattern and white as primary rather than red on home shirts.

Both red and white worked as primary color of the home shirts and usually the other one is used for away shirts. This normality lasts since the breakup of the Soviet Union. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russian football prefer a new identity, replacing the previous Adidas kits which is red and white with the suit supplied by Reebok. Reebok provide a new design with red, blue and white reflecting the new national flag of the Russia. In 1997, Nike changed it to a simpler design with just blue and white. The design, showed up at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2004, consisted of primary a white base with blue trim and the opposite combination for the away kit. After failure in the qualification of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Nike choose a new direction by reintroducing red. This time the red is used on home kit, while white being reversed as the away color. When Adidas took over as suppliers in 2008, it continued this trend. The 2009 – 10 season brings an arresting change in the kit design with the utilization of the maroon and gold on home shirts. This innovation was ended by the return of red and white applied in 2011. The edition of the kit used at Euro 2012 featured a red base with gold trim while the away kit was a white with red trim combination. At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the maroon and gold colour scheme appears once again, while the away 2014 kit stuck to white with blue decorations.

When colors reflect the national flag, the pattern on the shirts is formed by numerous nondescript spots which cover whole front and sleeves. The minimalist abstraction illustrates the thriving street culture and complex urban structures of the Russia.

Away shirts applied the same technology provided by Adidas. So-called Climachill is a revolution in effective cooling technology. The line incorporates innovative fabric woven with titanium and industry-first 3D aluminium cooling spheres. The soft fabric can channels the moisture away from skins, keeping body dry and decreasing the friction. The technology provides an instant chilling sensation to decrease the environment impact on athletes helping their performance in warm conditions. By lowering their body temperature so players can move longer, work harder, concentrate their focus and compete better at the highest level.

With the new kits, these players had shown their fans and nation splendid matches against various strong opponent and brought victory and glory back. They deserves respect from every football fans.

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