Menswear Trend for Men over 50 Years Old

When a fashion hoarder named Adrian Clark hit 50, he confessed some camouflage trousers and frayed jeans have to be sorted out of his wardrobe. In terms of personal experience, the whole 2017 was a challenging year in my life. In that year, two major events had happened. I’d like to clarify that age is not just a number. In more that three decades, I lived and worked in London; at present, I moved to the Kent coast to pursue a rewarding and peaceful life. Certainly, some may say the two are inherent links between them. Almost all people aspire a slow and leisure life when we get older. Certainly, but the collision between reality and ideal opened a world I didn’t see.

In order to keep age-appropriateness and avoid booking a removal truck, it was time to discard something not appropriate. Only in this way, can I give more controls to the oversized wardrobe. I have been a fashion editor for more than three decades, so it’s natural that loads of luggage also comes with me. In the particular field, keeping up with trends is an endless process. Of course, it is also a money spending aspect in one’s life. It turns out to be pivotal junction after a half century. In general, making decisions about on what should wear and what should not wear is exhausting and boring. Men over 50 are divided into two groups: those who have given up and people who have no idea when to give up.

The first batch of clothes needed to be phased out are combat trousers, also known as combat pants. In recent years, I have given up this kind of trousers gradually, because they left wierd guest appearance. In reality, all oversized pants featuring many pockets and zips are not suitable for older men. In terms of military heritage like camouflage prints, they need to bow out elegantly. Some pertinent suggestions are keeping plain and simple trousers with casual or formal edge. In other words, those above referred pants are more laidback than suit trousers and more formal than a pyjama. Classic jean cut in luxurious fabric is superior to denim or chino, which owns a careworn vibe. Only simple and classic jeans or hopsack slacks are appropriate for older men.


I own many sneakers in almost conceivable colors. After long term thinking, I find that sneakers are suitable alternatives of trainers for older guys. Some calls them as a warning sign to hang on to their youth half-jokingly. A dress code of older guys is that less is more. Since the road of following trends have come to an end, it’s better to choose something simple and classic, so that they could last longer than cheaper alternatives. Some mistake ideas of holding something for decades are definite no-no. In case such a philosophy is true, some fashionable items of ‘90s will come back.

New Hats in 2019 Season

As summer is on the horizon, most people wait for diverse summer, backyard and BBQ parties. At present, we only need some reasons to party, dress up, drink and dance. Perhaps there are many parties and we have no idea to style ourselves to those occasions.

Similar to “chips” or “boot”, hats owns different meanings in different nations. In hard-to-find boutique in Japan, brand-new collegiate sweaters could be found. If you are lucky, some vintage garbs of American are also available to you. Quaker Marine Supply provide perfect warm and comfortable sweaters of fisherman. Besides, it offers long-visor waxed-canvas Swordfish hat from 1949. Vintage pieces turned sought-after overseas. For all New Yorkers, there is no need to work quite hard. The latest collection could be found on Mullberry Street. In the beginning, Quaker Marine Supply was found by Joseph Kadison in Philadelphia. The owner began selling clothes, hardwares and equipment, which were related to marine life. By the 1960s, the brand got popularity when the symbolic Oysterman hat, appeared on photos in Life magazine.

From Acadia, Maine, to Apalachicola, Florida, such hats will be standard at yacht yards. As a longtime fan, Kevin McLaughlin obtained the then-defunct brand in 2012. Besides, McLaughlin is also a co-founder of J.McLaughlin, one sportswear brand in America. In the 20th century, Quaker Marine was a representative in their culture. In eyes of McLaughlin, Quaker Marine Supply is only a bobby of him. Over the years, countless memories have come out on the water under the shade of a bucket hat.

There is no method to copy the collective brand identity, and I am reluctant to see its fading away. It’s joyous to bring QMS back to life, and it’s great to reconnect with the original customers and meeting new ones. The Mulberry Street is stuffed with summertime oasis in N.Y., where shoppers could find carefully curated blend of American and coastal clothing. It’s an ideal results combing authentic heritage of menswear with a modern touch. In August, a collaboration between Quaker Marine and Sea Bags will be launched. At that time, three hats feature stamp of the company are available. Besides, tote bags and duffel bags are also new one in the collection.

It’s the time of year one again. I have got loads of costume ideas for the World Book Day. What will you dressed up on that day? I have cherished love for Luke Pearson’s Hilda, so I’d like to dress up as her on the WBD. In reality, the guise is easy, and the only thing needed is a black beret, red t-shirts, blue skirt and a yellow scarf from a vintage shop. It’s noteworthy that the yellow bag is made of cardboard. My blue hair is photographed by my mother. I like it very much. Here are also many other outfit ideas.

Current Season Fashion Trends

The typical ‘90s accessory bucket hat made a big comeback now. In case you are finding an effective and comfortable way to shield UV rays, it’s necessary to add the item in your cart right away. Some factors like striking colors, classic prints and soft materials all contribute extra outfit points. There are many choices for you to finish diverse looks, such as overalls, wide-leg pants, blazers, coats, etc.

Baker boy hats are also perfect accessories to finish you looks, adding a chic touch to diverse ensembles. Such headgear could be spotted here and there in Paris. The most popular hats feature classic shape, color and color by and large. If you would like to add a baker boy hat to your individual collection, wool or leather ones in an understated tone would be better, such as black, gray and navy.

It seems that all street style stars have agreed to rock the world’s tiniest handbags this month. At this time, appearances win out over practicality. As if all well-liked handbags have shrunk to miniature proportions. Besides, designers go great lengths to create cute appearances. Provided there is not need to carry large-sized items, be sure to try those small handbags.

Basket bags are also new-in understated bags in springtime. These wicker and straw-style bags come in diverse shapes and colors. It is obvious that all these bags are ideal to complete easygoing outfits. All you need to do is walking on streets and hold your favorite “basket”. Accessories can add extra points to outfits or screw ensembles at a moment. It’s critical to stay on-point every time.

Clear case bags are also breaths of fresh air of the fashion month. Why they are well-liked among the public? There is no better method to maintain perfect shapes of your bags and possessions than a coating of plastic. Best of all, a variety of options are available to most people. No matter you like a big-sized tote or a mini handle bag, there is always an option for you. Besides, one could also swap the inner bag to go well with diverse ensembles.

After talking about trends of hats and bags, I’d like to introduce something new about jewellery designs in the spring & summer 2019 fashion show. Pearls stares appearing on many street style stars. Certainly, different with those of your grandma, these pearls are rocking. To jump on the bandwagon, these pearlescent articles features contemporary touch and full of attitudes. To form your own style, diverse pearl jewellery pieces could be used to finish your outfits, such as earrings, layered necklaces, berets, bracelets, etc. In addition, not all round pearls are perfect for fashion jewellery pieces. Accessories like sunglasses, scarves, earrings, bracelets have become trendy as well in the fashion season. More detailed news about the latest trend will be published in the last edition. Thanks for your visiting.